Manger plus de fruits et légumes en pleine canicule

Eat more fruits and vegetables during a heatwave

Hot weather is here, and using the oven seems unbearable? Here are some quick ideas to increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables when the weather is (a little too) mild! When the weather is hot, you'll find it much easier to eat more juicy fruits and fresh vegetables. They will provide you with plenty of water and several vitamins and minerals that will help you get through hot weather more easily.


Take the test, it's unanimous: we eat more fruits and vegetables when they are already cut! It's no surprise that fresh pre-cut foods are so popular in grocery stores. Just take 15 minutes a week to make your life easier during the coming week: cut your celery and put it in water, cut your carrots or watermelon, wash your berries, etc. When everything is ready to eat, it's much more tempting to eat it! Personally, I like to do this on Sunday, to “plan” my coming week.

This little moment you take can save you a lot of time in the days to come and encourages you to eat more fruits and vegetables. Because, frankly, who has the motivation to cut out melon on a Tuesday evening when you're really hungry and it's 44℃?


Do you want to try increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, but you don't know how? Give yourself a little challenge: try, at least once, this week to include a fruit and a vegetable in recipes or preparations where you are not used to adding fruits and vegetables. Why not add spinach to your smoothies, fruit to your yogurts, carrots and tomatoes to your omelettes. Another good option can also be to enhance recipes you already like: add a ton of vegetables to your pizza or spaghetti sauce

To my still water, I like to add some frozen fruit – if fresh is not in season. When you have drunk all your water, the fruit will have thawed and will be ready to eat! Herbs can also flavor tap water, which can be a pleasant change from regular water. Because don't forget, if you sweat more, you have to drink more (hello heatwave!).

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, whether frozen or fresh, eating more of them is to your advantage! I have it in my opinion that eating frozen strawberries is much better than not eating strawberries at all! This is even more important in winter, when the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables is very reduced. Freezing does not significantly change the nutrients in foods. Always keeping a bag of frozen vegetables at home can also be an excellent convenience store. So don't be afraid to try frozen fruits and vegetables!


Salads – pasta, fruit, greens – are a very good idea when the weather is hot and they require very little preparation. Gazpachos – soup made from raw vegetables served cold – can also be interesting as a starter or as a meal (if they are sufficiently garnished and protein). Otherwise, why not use the barbecue and its skewers if you really want to eat hot? Vegetables roasted on the barbecue develop mouth-watering flavors!

Personally, I'm a fan of sushi, but I hate the long preparation that is required. However, I love homemade poke bowls : a fish of your choice, lots of vegetables and simply rice. What a refreshing dish!

If there are several of you or if you have children, the option of a “cold buffet” style dinner can also be very interesting. Everyone can snack on what suits them and can enjoy the variety presented to them. Cold pizza (homemade, or not!), various raw vegetables already cut, mixed dips made from vegetables or legumes (hummus, baba ganoush, bean spread, artichoke sauce, etc.), small sandwiches of your choice, various cheeses, cold meats and much more!

In conclusion, eating fruits and vegetables during a heatwave is to our advantage. In addition to helping us stay hydrated, these fresh foods are often easier to digest, which allows us to keep our strength to beat the heat!

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