Coup d’œil sur le chou-rave

A glance at kohlrabi

This week, we introduce you to kohlrabi, a crunchy and versatile vegetable.

Also called kholrabi , kohlrabi is part of the same family as cabbage, turnip and broccoli. Its crunchy texture reminds it of a taste similar to broccoli stem. Cut into sticks or thinly sliced, it can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in a pan like a root vegetable.


We introduced this vegetable through a delicious recipe highlighting market vegetables: spring rolls with tofu and peanuts . We had this roll recipe tasted in a culinary workshop with CANA to families at home around the world.

This Vietnamese recipe is ideal for hot summer days and is very simple to prepare with family or friends. It is also very practical for emptying remaining vegetables from the fridge since all food combinations are possible. You can therefore add the fruits or vegetables that you prefer as well as the protein source of your choice.

For our workshop, we added classic vegetables from the Ahuntsic-Cartierville Market such as field cucumbers, leaf carrots, romaine lettuce and the famous kohlrabi. For the kohlrabi, we cut it into sticks and marinated it in rice vinegar and sugar like Ricardo does in his marinated kohlrabi recipe. We also added vermicelli noodles and tofu that we fried to add some crunch. Once the ingredients were rolled in a moist rice paper, we served everything with a delicious peanut sauce, a real delight!

Enjoy your food !


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