La bette à carde sous toutes ses couleurs

Swiss chard in all its colors

Today, we are introducing you to a vegetable that grows in our gardens: Swiss chard.

This leafy vegetable is distinguished by its large leaves and colorful red, pink, yellow, green and orange stems . Swiss chard can be eaten raw in salads or it can be cooked like spinach, sautéed in oil or butter. This vegetable could also be cooked in a pasta dish or even on a pizza.

You can find this vegetable on sale in our markets.


Last week, we cooked this vegetable with the residents of Villa Raimbault and with our partners, Ville en Vert, in a delicious recipe for orzo with Swiss chard .

This recipe is very simple and can be prepared quickly. All you have to do is slice the Swiss chard leaves and cook them in oil, garlic and chicken broth.

During our workshop, we served it with orzo and added feta cheese cubes, lean ground pork and zucchini to add protein sources and more flavors to the recipe. .

Discover the recipe here

Enjoy your food !
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